Riciniol for Mascne

“Riciniol Mask”

“Riciniol mask” We are all going through difficult times. Collapsed plans, dramas, tragedies, and simply inconveniences caused by numerous restrictive measures. One of them is a mask. And the main problem is not in the inconvenience associated with wearing it but in what harm is done to our skin. Riciniol will come to your aid …

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Riciniol Clary Sage Header

Riciniol Clary Sage

Riciniol Clary Sage Universal bio-emulsion infused with Clary Sage essential oil The emulsion Riciniol Sage is intended for everyday care of the integuments of the body (skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes) and their strengthening. Its advantage: Wide scope. The emulsion can be used for cosmetic and hygienic purposes, as well as a means of prevention …

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classic riciniol

Riciniol Classic

Riciniol Classic Universal bio-emulsion The natural bio-emulsion of castor oil, Riciniol, is intended for everyday care of the body integuments (skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes), their strengthening and healing. It can be used for cosmetic, hygienic purposes, as a protective agent and for prevention. Benefits of Riciniol Classic Universality The bio-emulsion is suitable for all …

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castor oil

Castor Oil and 7 Different Ways to Use It

Castor oil (lat. Oleum Ricini, castor oil) has an ancient history. After all, it has been known since ancient Egypt. According to legend, he was called Palma Christi or the palm of Christ. Castor oil received this name due to the form of castor leaves and its remarkable ability to heal wounds. The uniqueness of …

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