Riciniol for Mascne

“Riciniol mask”

We are all going through difficult times.

Collapsed plans, dramas, tragedies, and simply inconveniences caused by numerous restrictive measures.

One of them is a mask.

And the main problem is not in the inconvenience associated with wearing it but in what harm is done to our skin.

Riciniol will come to your aid and will help prevent unpleasant skin irregularities that can result from wearing a mask.

Why it works

Thanks to Ricinoleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid), the main component of the Riciniol emulsion, the damaged cell membranes are restored, providing the skin with a regenerating effect.

In addition, being a bio-emulsion, Riciniol contains purified water to feed the cells. It is also able to draw moisture from the deeper layers of the epithelium, moisturizing the skin from the inside.

Riciniol has a regenerating effect – promotes fast relief from damage, restoration of the skin after harmful effects normalizes the functions of the skin.

Riciniol helps to relieve redness, itching and protects against adverse natural factors (dust, cold, wind, drying), poor quality water, household chemicals.

The bio-emulsion does not clog pores and completely preserves the natural respiration of the skin.

How to use

Daily care

Apply 1-5 drops of bio-emulsion (depending on the surface area) by lightly patting the area to be covered by a mask, with fingertips. Make sure that the bio-emulsion is well absorbed into the skin.

Intensive care / “Riciniol mask”

Regular use of a “Riciniol mask” will help get rid of dryness and normalize skin functions. Apply a thin layer of bio-emulsion evenly on cleansed skin and leave for 15-30 minutes. After removing excess with a clean tissue, massage lightly into the skin.

This procedure is best done before bed to allow your skin to fully absorb the nutrients found in Riciniol.

You may apply a “Riciniol mask” between 1-3 times per week depending on personal needs.

Safe for the whole family

Riciniol can be used by everyone – children, adults and the elderly. Riciniol Classic is hypoallergenic for people with very sensitive skin. The only contraindication is the individual intolerance to castor oil, which is easy to detect with a skin test.

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Riciniol for mascne
Riciniol for acne

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Riciniol is not a medicine. It is a hygienic emulsion with a natural healing and prophylactic effect. If you are having health issues, please consult a doctor.