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My Story

In 1983, my mother knew a molecular biologist.

She had a little girl who had very sensitive and reactionary skin.

So she devoted herself to activating the healing properties of Castor Oil. She did so and later called it Riciniol.

Riciniol became a trusted local remedy my mother relied on ever since.

Today, as a mother myself, I use this all-natural “magic potion” as a true multi-purpose remedy in my home.

In starting my business, I wanted to share Riciniol with mothers who look to control the well-being of their families and want to avoid using toxic-filled “solutions.”

I believe in making lifestyle choices that are natural, safe, and deliver long-lasting results. 

I use Riciniol daily for everything from a common cold to dry skin, eczema,  bug bites, and burns. 

It’s food grade, harmless and very effective. 

Kids love it because it never stings. 

Mothers love it because it works.