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Riciniol Clary Sage

Universal bio-emulsion infused with Clary Sage essential oil

The emulsion Riciniol Sage is intended for everyday care of the integuments of the body (skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes) and their strengthening.

Its advantage: Wide scope.

The emulsion can be used for cosmetic and hygienic purposes, as well as a means of prevention and protection.

Benefits of Riciniol Clary Sage


Riciniol Clary Sage is obtained exclusively from natural components, it does not contain synthetic additives. Many useful properties are manifested in the emulsion as a result of processing raw materials using a unique technology.

Wellness effects

Thanks to clary sage essential oil, the Riciniol properties are heightened, and keep your skin and body feeling healthy.

How it works

The multifaceted effects of Riciniol Clary Sage are due to the properties of its constituent fatty acids and natural clary sage essential oil.

Fatty carboxylic acids are involved in the synthesis of many important substances for the body, but their main task is the “construction” of cell membranes. Fatty acids of the emulsion help strengthen the cell walls, restore damaged areas and thereby enhance the ability of cells to self-defence and self-healing. Long-term use of Riciniol Clary Sage provides strength and integrity of tissues, as well as improving metabolic processes in them.

Due to its unique internal structure, Riciniol Clary Sage oil quickly spreads over the surfaces, easily penetrates and is fully absorbed by cells. The thinnest emulsion layer does not interfere with the natural functioning of the skin (does not interfere with respiration, does not clog pores).

Clary sage natural essential oil has a wide range of useful properties, the most important of which are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing.1 Thanks to this, it is still used today for skin problems, as a first aid for household injuries (wounds, burns, injuries), and also as a means of prevention and protection.

Of all the fatty carboxylic acids, ricinoleic (85.5% of the fatty acid composition of Riciniol) has the highest degree of penetration into tissues. It quickly conveys biologically active substances, including essential oils, to the cells. Therefore, when using the emulsion, the effect of essential oil is manifested quickly. It is pronounced and sustainable.


The natural components of the emulsion Riciniol Sage have many preventive and health-improving properties.

  • Nourish, moisturize, cleanse tissues, protect them from adverse effects and pathogenic agents;
  • with regular prolonged use, beneficially affect metabolic processes, improve microcirculation, normalize skin functions;
  • contribute to the regeneration and restoration of the skin, assists epithelialization of cuts, wounds, burns of a small severity;
  • helps reduce pain and itching, including with insect bites;
  • have pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects1;
  • tone, deodorize, improve microcirculation.


  • Castor oil
    Ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, stearic, oxystearic fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, other biologically active substances of castor oil;
  • Purified water
  • Clary sage essential oil
  • Antioxidant complex
    Vitamins C & E
  • Lecithin


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DISCLAIMER: Riciniol is not a medicine. It is a hygienic emulsion with a natural healing and prophylactic effect. If you are having health issues, please consult a doctor.