classic riciniol

Riciniol Classic

Universal bio-emulsion

The natural bio-emulsion of castor oil, Riciniol, is intended for everyday care of the body integuments (skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes), their strengthening and healing. It can be used for cosmetic, hygienic purposes, as a protective agent and for prevention.

Benefits of Riciniol Classic


The bio-emulsion is suitable for all skin types, any part of the body. Its use has no age and physiological restrictions. Riciniol can be used by children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women; people prone to allergies, etc.

Naturalness, harmlessness

Riciniol is made from high-quality natural raw materials, its components are fully compatible with human tissues. Does not contain synthetic additives.

Ease of use

A couple of minutes a day and 2-3 drops of Riciniol is all you need to receive comprehensive care for your skin.

How it works

Riciniol is a complex of natural biologically active substances, mainly of different types of fatty acids. The leading component of the fatty acid complex (85.5%) is monounsaturated oxygen-containing ricinoleic acid. The high content of available monounsaturated fatty acids, which play a key role in many processes of our body, ensures the effectiveness of Riciniol bio-emulsion.

Fatty carboxylic acids are the main component of cell membranes, and also participate in the biosynthesis of hormones, vitamins and other compounds. Holistic membranes are healthy, properly functioning cells and tissues. Riciniol fatty acids strengthen cell walls, restore their damaged areas and thereby increase the ability of cells to self-protect and self-heal.

Thanks to the patented production technology, Riciniol has a high degree of bioavailability. The optimal molecular structure of the bio-emulsion ensures its easy penetration and complete assimilation by tissues. Riciniol envelops the skin and mucous cells (inside the nose and mouth) with a thin layer, protecting them from adverse effects and pathogenic agents. The bio-emulsion does not clog pores and does not interfere with skin respiration.

The action of Riciniol is based on the natural mechanisms of functioning of integumentary tissues. The bio-emulsion gently helps them, creating favourable conditions for full work. The use of Riciniol is a stable result, without addiction and withdrawal syndrome.


Features of the composition and manufacturing technology determine the presence of a number beneficial properties in Riciniol.

Nourishes and moisturizes

Riciniol intensively nourishes and moisturizes the integument, restores and maintains their elasticity, helping to retain moisture.


Riciniol gently encourages the regeneration of skin cells, sloughing off old cells and revealing new, brighter-looking skin.

Regenerating effect

It has a regenerating effect – it contributes to the rapid relief of injuries, the restoration of the skin (hair) after harmful effects (including aggressive medical and cosmetic procedures).

Normalizes skin functions

With regular, prolonged use, beneficially affects metabolic processes, normalizes skin functions.

Boosts skin health

Riciniol protects from adverse environmental factors (dust, cold, wind, drying), low-quality water, household chemicals, infections.

Soothes and assists healing

With burns, irritated skin, and joint health Riciniol acts as a decongestant, helps relieve swelling, eliminate redness and itching. Riciniol helps stop bleeding and soothe the pain of minor injuries.


  • Castor oil
    Ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, stearic, oxystearic fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, other biologically active substances of castor oil;
  • Purified water
  • Antioxidant complex
    Vitamins C & E
  • Lecithin

Riciniol is not a medicine. It is a hygienic emulsion with a natural healing and prophylactic effect. If you are having health issues, please consult a doctor.