This oil is a family staple!!!!

I love this oil.

It really helped after my shoulder surgery. It stopped the itchiness when the scar was healing and relieved some of the pain.

I also used it on a burn that I got from spilling a cup of boiling water on myself, it helped with the stinging sensation and really cooled my skin.

We also use it for chapped lips in the winter.

It smells great, and absorbs really fast. I use it on my nails, and hangnails – it’s very soothing and helps the skin heal much faster. I also use it on my feet as I do a lot of walking, it helps with healing cracked heels.

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Riciniol Clary Sage Clary sage helped me so much. I had psoriasis on my shins. I used Clary Sage for a couple of months and it is gone. It has been gone for over a year and hasn’t returned at all. I would highly recommend this product!! Worth every penny and much more. Thank you so much Reciniol!!
Riciniol Classic This oil is incredible, my infant is learning to walk, so everyday he has a new scratch. We use the oil and the scratch heals the next day. It’s like magic. We also have used for sunburns and bug bites. It’s a great product to have on hand. Definitely recommend it.
Riciniol Renewal I’ve been using Renewal for a few months and there has been a notable difference in my skin! My skin is smoother than before. My skin tone is more even and my acne scars/dark spots are fading This product has found a place in my nighttime routine!