Riciniol Clary Sage

Works great!

I have very sensitive skin. With frequent hand-washing and use of sanitizers my fingers were all flaky and irritated. Clary Sage is the only thing that seems to help. Happy that’s now available on amazon too. Review Source: Amazon.ca

riciniol clary sage

This oil is a family staple!!!!

I love this oil. It really helped after my shoulder surgery. It stopped the itchiness when the scar was healing and relieved some of the pain. I also used it on a burn that I got from spilling a cup of boiling water on myself, it helped with the stinging sensation and really cooled my …

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riciniol for eczema

Amazing for eczema!

I first bought this locally and have now ordered more through amazon. Ricinol Clary Sage is amazing for our whole family. My husband suffers from terrible eczema and so far this is the best product we’ve tried (and we’ve tried them all) to reduce his discomfort. Highly recommend. Review Source: Amazon.ca

Riciniol Clary Sage wonderfully formulated

Wonderfully formulated

I happened to meet the owner of this company, lovely lady. The main ingredient is castor oil but has been formulated in a way so that you can apply this all over without that sticky feeling. It absorbs right in and is an amazing deep moisturizer for your face and skin. I will try to …

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castor oil for hair and skin


Ive been a long time castor oil user on my hair and skin and swear by it. I also had an experience once with a bottle of clary sage essential oil spilling all over my hand and a rush of euphoria that happened within a couple of minutes. So i was excited to see this …

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Help preventing nosebleeding

Help preventing nosebleeding

I’m happy I found this Riciniol Clary Sage.

My 9 year daughter always has nosebleeding during winter due to dry air/heating, she stared using this ointment to moisturize inside her nose every night, and so far so good!

She is ok with the scent and the ointment absorbs quickly.

Definitely we will continue using it!

Review Source: Amazon.ca

Review for Riciniol for Mucous Membrane care, dry nose

Fantastic product!! Good for you and your family ! Natural ingredients!! ❤️

 This stuff is Amazing!

I use vitamin A-Tretinoin prescribed by my doctor for my occasional acne breakouts and it makes around my mucus membranes extremely dry and flaky and since using this MIRACLE Rininiol CASTOR OIL Ointment for the last few weeks it has helped my skin problems dramatically and now my skin around those area is more supple, hydrated and plump.

And It also seems to help my allergies and when I put it around my nose area I can breathe much better ! A++++ product!!

Highly recommend ! Great price !

Source: Amazon.ca

Riciniol for eczema and rosacea

It feels calming and soothing

I’ve used this in several capacities, and with good results.

First, I’ve used this on my face..
I have ultra sensitive skin, along with rosacea and bouts of eczema. I’m using this to build up the barrier of my skin. Ive had zero issues with sensitivity, redness or breakouts. It doesn’t sting or burn, despite a full blown eczema stint. It feels calming and soothing.

Ive also used this on cracked cuticles..the really dry kind that split and bleed ? from continuous hand washing. Ive used this at night before bed on my cuticles/fingertips and have been really surprised at how much faster they heal.

One thing to stress is that it doesn’t sting or burn when applied.

It feels comforting and cushioning. This has been my first experience with clary sage and I’m so happy to have found it. Wintertime is just around the corner, and I’m hoping this will help with keeping chapped cheeks, lips and hands at bay! ??

Source: Amazon.com

multi-use wonder oil. review of riciniol from olivial

The multiuse WONDER oil!!

Is there anything this oil can’t help with??

Honestly the most useful oil to have on hand!

Helps with everything from sunburns, bug bites, stuffed noses, chest colds, to scars- you can seriously put it on ANYTHING and it helps.

I put a little bit on mosquito bites and immediately the itching stops, I put some inside my kids noses when they are stuffed and it clears them up, I rub on chest and back when they have bad coughs and totally alleviates it!

Am not sure of the exact properties it has but do know that it has anti inflammatory qualities.

Will never be without this oil!

Give it a try honestly you will be amazed!!

Riciniol for eczema
Riciniol Clary Sage
castor oil for lash extensions