Ive been a long time castor oil user on my hair and skin and swear by it.

I also had an experience once with a bottle of clary sage essential oil spilling all over my hand and a rush of euphoria that happened within a couple of minutes.

So i was excited to see this mix of two of my favorite skin and body products.

It smells great, is definitely pure castor oil, and is in a really cute bottle.

Riciniol Bright Eyes Review Don't Buy
Riciniol Youth and Facial Suction cups review I was shocked to see the difference when I tried it first on half of my face. In the photo, the right side is where I cupped first and I saw immediate results. It looked lifted compared to the left side. Riciniol Youth made the cups slide easily. I didn’t get any bruises or too much redness even though it’s my first time trying. It’s so relaxing and smells good too! I love it and will consistently use it to defy gravity 😛
Riciniol Bright Eyes review Obsessed with the texture and feel of this product! It’s so good! I love that it’s unscented and that you only need to use a tiny amount so not only is it affordable but it lasts so long.