It feels calming and soothing

I’ve used this in several capacities, and with good results.

First, I’ve used this on my face..
I have ultra sensitive skin, along with rosacea and bouts of eczema. I’m using this to build up the barrier of my skin. Ive had zero issues with sensitivity, redness or breakouts. It doesn’t sting or burn, despite a full blown eczema stint. It feels calming and soothing.

Ive also used this on cracked cuticles..the really dry kind that split and bleed ? from continuous hand washing. Ive used this at night before bed on my cuticles/fingertips and have been really surprised at how much faster they heal.

One thing to stress is that it doesn’t sting or burn when applied.

It feels comforting and cushioning. This has been my first experience with clary sage and I’m so happy to have found it. Wintertime is just around the corner, and I’m hoping this will help with keeping chapped cheeks, lips and hands at bay! ??


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