Irreplaceable natural product

Stops bleeding, resolves hematomas, cleanses purulent wounds, with colds, nasal congestion, coughing. Softens heels, elbows, dry calluses.

Want to know how I used Reciniol.

I have inflamed hemorrhoids. I lubricated with sage retinol and by the end of the second week the wound healed, it stopped bleeding and burning.

Nowadays, the nose is always dry. I lubricate my sinuses. Also one night I felt that it was painful for me to swallow. I got up and dripped dill Reciniol into my nose (a drop in each nostril), then I dripped it onto my tongue and swallowed. By the morning there was no pain, but I continued to dig a few more times.

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Riciniol Classic I wanted to tell you that I have a problem area on my face that is maybe eczema, a patch of raw red skin that is always flaky. It has been there for over 10 years now and would not get any better with any cortisones or other products. After using your Classic on the area for about 3 weeks, the flaking was gone and I’m in shock at how it has healed after so many years. I read all of the provided research on Caster Seed oil from your website and I thank you for providing the level of detail. I have just ordered three of your other products and wanted you to know how well it had worked for me.
Riciniol Classic This stuff works! We have been using Ricinoil in our home for a while now. I use the Bright Eyes as part of my nighttime routine. I love the moisture it delivers to my under eyes and the soothing feeling it leaves. It’s also helping my lashes and brows to grow. We use the classic for everything! I’ve always struggled w/ dry feet and this has helped so much. My feet are smooth and healthy. I had a bad rash as a reaction from a natural deodorant. Used the classic every night and it cleared up in a few days. I love that it’s natural and safe to use.
Riciniol Bright Eyes Amazing product, exceedingly reasonable price! My lashes have thinned as I’ve aged; since I started using this product, they’re healthier than they have been in years. Highly recommended!