Excellent for Dry and Sensitive Skin – Works where other solutions fail

Pleasantly surprised by the healing properties of this natural oil based solution!

My skin is dry and sensitive and I have tried so many ointments to heal patches of my skin that are red and irritated.

Some solutions worked for a while and then didn’t work anymore… But this one is the best for me! The natural formula of oil enriched with essential vitamins, for the skin (A & C) worked from the 2nd day and now I enjoy the skin-healing process that I didn’t experience for a long time!

Very happy with this natural formula and I will continue to apply this solution on my skin even after the total healing of problem patches.

Absolutely delighted.

I also like the high-density of the solution (will stay well on the skin), I like the delicate natural scent, and I will make sure never to run out of this product!

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