Soothing and gentle, smells a bit strong

This is quite a tiny eye drops style bottle.

The serum itself has the texture of a thick oil.

You have to shake it very well before you use it in order to mix up the ingredients.

I did a patch test on the inside of my elbow before I applied this around my area , the reason I did this was because I found that this serum has a very strong lavender scent. Because this item was so strongly scented I wasn’t sure if the skin around my eyes may react badly to it, luckily I had absolutely no reaction.

As a matter of fact this serum was actually quite lovely.

It’s a bit sticky but applies smoothly and does not burn or cause any sort of irritation or rash to the eye or the eye area.

It will take a few weeks to a month to see if there are any of the claimed results. In the meantime it feels very soothing and makes the eye area feel quite soft.

Definitely worth trying.

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