Baby oil - Riciniol Baby - castor oil bio-emulsion

Riciniol Baby

Hygienic emulsion for skin care for babies and mothers.

Natural bio-emulsion Riciniol Baby is an ideal choice for the delicate skin of newborns and infants, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Benefits of Riciniol Baby

Emulsion care serves to prevent diaper rash and inflammation, helps eliminate itching, redness, irritation, promotes the rapid healing of wounds, cracks and other injuries, and relieves discomfort. At the same time, the emulsion will provide young mothers with soft, gentle care for vulnerable parts of the body in the postpartum period and while breastfeeding.

Riciniol Baby is produced using unique authoring technology exclusively from natural raw materials, does not contain cosmetic additives, preservatives, dyes, stabilizers. Hypoallergenicity of the emulsion is clinically proven.

How it works

Emulsion Baby contains a complex of biologically active substances useful to the skin. The main component of this complex is natural fatty acids compatible with our cells and tissues.

Fatty acids are involved in the construction of many important substances for the body, such as vitamins. But their main task is the “construction” of cell membranes. Fatty acids in Riciniol Baby strengthen cell walls, restore damaged areas and thereby enhance their ability to self-defence and self-healing. Membrane integrity is the main condition for the health of cells and tissues.

Emulsion Baby has a special internal structure. Its particles are small in size, light and mobile, which provides a high degree of bioavailability. Riciniol Baby quickly spreads over the surfaces, easily penetrates and is fully absorbed by the cells. The emulsion does not clog pores and completely preserves the skin’s natural respiration.


Due to its unique composition and structure, Baby Emulsion takes into account the skin needs of newborns and infants as much as possible. It softens, moisturizes and gently cleanses the skin. The thinnest layer of the emulsion provides protection against infections and irritating factors (dry air, temperature changes, contact with secretions). The natural components of the emulsion have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect, contributes to the healing of minor of injuries (like when the baby scratches their face).

Since the Baby emulsion is made from the highest quality raw materials using special technology, it is especially mild.


  • Castor oil
    Ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, stearic, oxystearic fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, other biologically active substances of castor oil;
  • Purified water

*may contain traces of lecithin.

DISCLAIMER: Riciniol is not a medicine. It is a hygienic emulsion with a natural healing and prophylactic effect. If you are having health issues, please consult a doctor.