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We know a small bottle of Riciniol Classic is not much but we hope it brightens your day.

Riciniol is a soothing multi-purpose ointment that cools and restores skin after harsh conditions.

Below are instructions on how you can use it, hope you enjoy.

Stay healthy and safe.

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What is Riciniol?

Riciniol is a castor oil bio-emulsion:
a mixture of oil and water.

Unlike most creams and ointments, this is an emulsion of the type “water in oil”. It’s mostly castor oil, a little water, and some vitamins.

Riciniol, is intended for everyday care of the body integuments (skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes), their strengthening and healing.


Nourishes & Moisturizes

The fatty acids in Riciniol nourish and maintain elasticity, while protecting skin’s moisture barrier.


Riciniol gently encourages the regeneration of skin cells, sloughing off old cells and revealing new, brighter-looking skin.

Regenerating Effect

Riciniol speeds the healing process and restores the skin following injuries, medical and cosmetic procedures.

Normalizes Skin Functions

With regular, prolonged use, Riciniol beneficially affects metabolic processes, normalizes skin functions.

Boosts Skin Health

Riciniol enhances the skin’s metabolic functions, making it more resilient to stress and environmental pollutants (PPE, airborne pathogens, dust, cold, wind, drying).

Soothes & Assists Healing

With burns, irritated skin, and joint health Riciniol acts as a decongestant, helps relieve swelling, eliminate redness and itching.

Face Care

Daily care

Apply 1-5 drops of bio-emulsion with light patting movements on clean skin of the face (neck, décolleté). Allow 10 minutes to Riciniol to absorb fully.

Can be used as a serum prior to moisturizer, or few drops can be mixed with any other skincare.

Using Riciniol before wearing a mask will keep your skin hydrated and help to prevent chafing.

Intensive care / “Riciniol mask”

Evenly apply a thin layer of bio-emulsion to cleansed skin and leave for 15-30 minutes. Gently blot away excess with a clean tissue, lightly massage the skin.

To repair damaged skin do the mask 1-2 times per week for 1–3 months, depending on personal needs.

Regular use of a mask with Riciniol will help rejuvenate skin, get rid of dryness, flaking, calm acne and smooth fine wrinkles.

This procedure is best done an hour before bed to allow your skin to fully absorb the nutrients.

Hand Care

Daily care

Apply a few drops of Riciniol onto clean hands and massage into skin and nails.

Using Riciniol regularly will help protect your hands from excessive hand washing and sanitizer use.

Intensive care

Option 1:
For an added boost you may follow with your favourite moisturizer, this will lock the nutrients of the emulsion into the skin.

Option 2:
Liberally apply Riciniol and put on cotton moisturizing gloves for 30-120 minutes.

Mucous Membrane Care

Use a cotton swab to apply 1 drop of Riciniol to each nasal passage.

Riciniol envelops the mucous membrane cells (inside the nose and mouth) with a thin layer, protecting them from cracking, adverse effects and pathogenic agents. This will also help your nose to stay moisturized at times when air is dry.


This stuff has been a life saver lately!!! i have been using it under my mask and it’s been keeping my skin moisturized and preventing chaffing without feeling slimy or oily! It’s also been a great base for makeup since i find most creams make my makeup run or cakey under the mask… also works amazing on sunburns (unfortunate side effect of summer) and my always dry hands from constant washing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

– Ellysia Turnbull

I love this product! I have had sore chapped skin from PPE and Riciniol is the only thing that has worked to protect my face without causing breakouts. Constant use of hand sanitizer and hand washing leave me with ripped cuticles and dry hands but when I apply Riciniol they heal quickly. I have also used on my children’s chapped skin and minor cuts with great results.

– Jaime Mitchell

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