About NIIA Inc. – Riciniol Canada.

The company NIIA Inc. was created by us, daughter and mother, with the aim of introducing you to the unique product “Riciniol” – a bio-emulsion made from nutrient-rich castor oil.

What’s Old is New Again.

Castor oil (oil pressed from castor beans) has been used in ancient Egypt because of its unique properties.

Our emulsion is also castor oil, only emulsified with water and thus improved and adapted for use by the most demanding consumers of all ages. Our family has not parted with Riciniol for over 30 years.

The Riciniol emulsion was widely used in Russia, which is not surprising, because it was created at the Department of Molecular Biology of Novosibirsk State University back in the 80s, and in 1996 its formula was patented. We see our task in making this unique, inexpensive product find its place in every Canadian, and then in every North American family.

Why is it so good?

All natural
Steady result
Its natural ingredients nourish, moisturize, cleanse tissues;
restore their integrity and functional activity;
relieve irritation, redness and itching;