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11 Benefits of Riciniol

Castor oil (raw material for making Riciniol) is a valuable natural raw material. It has been know to have nourishing, emollient, protective, anti-inflammatory, healing and other beneficial properties.

But only in Riciniol these properties are fully disclosed, because Riciniol is an emulsion, i.e. a mixture of oil and water. A scientist from Novosibirsk State University managed to develop a unique (and now patented) technique that makes castor oil more active. The effect of using the emulsion is more pronounced, comes on much faster and lasts longer.

Below are some of the main benefits of Riciniol.

1. Natural composition

Emulsion “Riciniol” contains only natural components.

2. No synthetic additives

It does not contain preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, and other artificial additives;

3. High quality

Made from high quality natural raw materials

4. Ecologically clean

The production is located in an ecologically clean area (Berdsk, Novosibirsk region).

5. Non-Toxic

Riciniol is absolutely non-toxic, which excludes the possibility of overdose or harm.

6. Unique composition

Riciniol is a unique complex of different types of fatty carboxylic acids. Thus, the main active component of the emulsion is monounsaturated oxygen-containing ricinoleic acid, which makes up 85.5% of the fatty acid composition.Its unusual properties explain the variety of properties of Riciniol.

7. Optimal structure

The Riciniol emulsion is highly bioavailable. Unlike castor oil, its raw material, the particles of the emulsion easily penetrate the tissues of the body, quickly spread over the surfaces and are fully absorbed by them, which provides a very quick result without disturbing the natural processes of the body.

8. Safe for long-term use.

Unlike many prescription ointment, the softness and naturalness of Riciniol is not addictive and does not cause withdrawal. You may use it every day for as long as you need.

9. Suitable for any part of the body.

Riciniol maintains, protects and improves the health of your body, skin, hair and nails. It is suitable and safe to use for any part of the body including the most delicate parts.

10. Very economical

A few drops of Riciniol go a long way, which makes it incredibly affordable. It’s compact size and multi-purpose magic makes it convenient travel companion.

11. Especially great for children

It is equally good for both children and adults. But Riciniol is an especially great ointment for kids because it never stings. It soothes skin when it’s itchy and is safe to use on anything red, inflamed and even directly on open wounds (road rash, etc.). Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is using a natural, harmless, and effective product.

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Riciniol is not a medicine. It is a hygienic emulsion with a natural healing and prophylactic effect. If you are having health issues, please consult a doctor.