Ясный Взор

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Рициниол Ясный Взор изготовлен из очищенного касторового масла и обогащен эфирным маслом лаванды. Он питает, увлажняет и успокаивает нежную кожу вокруг глаз, делает ресницы / брови густыми и блестящими.

Касторовое масло, Вода, Натуральное Эфирное Масло Лаванды, Витамин C, Витамин E, Лецитин

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Уход за кожей вокруг глаз
1–2 капли Рициниола Ясный взор аккуратно распределить кончиками пальцев по массажным линиям.

Уход за ресницами
Ежедневно смазывать ресницы и брови ватной палочкой, смоченной Рициниолом Ясный взор (не более 1 капли на одно применение).

Восстановление после наращивания
Приложить тонкий ватный жгутик, пропитанный биоэмульсией, по линии роста ресниц, и оставить на 15–20 минут. Повторять 1–2 раза в неделю, в течение 1–3 месяцев.

10 отзывов на Ясный Взор

  1. 5 из 5

    Michelle Marleau (проверенный владелец)

    Obsessed with the texture and feel of this product! It’s so good! I love that it’s unscented and that you only need to use a tiny amount so not only is it affordable but it lasts so long.

  2. 5 из 5

    Jenn Garrett (проверенный владелец)

    Love this product! My lashes are lusher and thicker than ever. My eyes always used to be very runny, but that’s now no longer an issue since using Bright Eyes.

  3. 5 из 5


    The first time I tried this, I was tugging my skin because I had no idea how to care for the skin around the eyes. When I knew the proper way, it was amazing! No bias. It was so relaxing and smelled so great. I actually felt sleepy right after. That’s how comfortable the experience was and will definitely be a part of my daily routine!

  4. 5 из 5

    Laura Rossi (проверенный владелец)

    Bright eyes is a must have in my skin care. Not only has it hugely improved my ever-present bags under my eyes but my eyelashes have never been healthier and longer. After lash extensions I had them back to normal after less than a month of using this product. I cannot speak higher of an oil for eyes, as someone who has always struggled with skin care in that area I am in love with this !

  5. 5 из 5

    Cheryl Wiles

    If I could leave 10 stars I would! I put bright eyes on every day before I leave for work and by the time I get there the “crack of stupid” early morning under-eye bags have gone down considerably! It smells beautiful and keeps the skin around my eyes soft, smooth and healthy looking. Love, love, love this stuff!!!!!

  6. 5 из 5

    Mae V. (проверенный владелец)

    I can definitely see a difference in the skin around my eyes! Really helped overall appearance & smoothness of fine lines

  7. 5 из 5

    JK (проверенный владелец)

    It has only been a few weeks, but I LOVE it! I will be sure to re-purchase & let my friends/family know about this! I’m loving it around my eyes compared to other $30-40+ eye products that I’ve spent my money on.

  8. 5 из 5

    Michelle W. (проверенный владелец)

    So far so good. I have been using everyday at night time. I have noticed a difference. It has brightened my under eyes and keeps it moisturized during these winter nights.

  9. 5 из 5

    Lori Fries (проверенный владелец)

    I love this formula! The smell is very light and clean, you only need 2 drops to cover both eyes since a little goes a very long way, and it moisturizes like no other product I’ve tried! The title bright eyes is very fitting! I love how it moisturizes my eyebrows too!

  10. 5 из 5

    vanessa jewett (проверенный владелец)

    Of all the eye creams I have ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot), this one is the most effective. It actually reduces the look of dark circles—so much so that I can go without makeup!

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Riciniol Bright Eyes
Ясный Взор
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.